Multi-channel power controller for smarter SSR usage

The G3ZA receives manipulated variables generated by control loops or manual settings via a simple-to-wire RS-485. It regulates the heater power with high precision by driving up to eight standard SSRs. Moreover, the offset control reduces peak power in the supply net.

  • Multi-channel power controller
  • Controls up to eight standard solid state relays
  • Easy integration with PLC
  • Compact size
  • Available with heater alarms (four channels) or without (eight channels)
Specifications & ordering info

Ordering information


Number of control channels

Heater alarm

Load power supply voltage

Order code

Multi-channel power controller



100 to 240 VAC


400 to 480 VAC



Not supported

100 to 240 VAC


400 to 480 VAC




Hole diameter

Order code

Current transformer (CT)

5.8 dia.


12.0 dia.




Load power supply voltage range

100 to 240 VAC

400 to 480 VAC

Power supply voltage

100 to 240 VAC (50/60 Hz)

Operating voltage range

85 to 264 VAC

Power consumption

16 VA max.

Load power supply voltage

100 to 240 VAC

400 to 480 VAC

Load power supply voltage range

75 to 264 VAC

340 to 528 VAC

Manipulated variable input

0.0 to 100.0% (via RS-485 communications)

Current transformer input

Single-phase AC, 0 to 50 A (primary current of CT)

Trigger output

One voltage output for each channel, 12 VDC ±15%, max. load current: 21 mA
(with built-in short-circuit protection circuit)

Alarm output

NPN open collector, one output
Max. applicable voltage: 30 VDC
Max. load current: 50 mA
Residual voltage: 1.5 V max.
Leakage current: 0.4 mA max.


LED indicators

Ambient operating temperature

-10 to 55°C (with no icing or condensation)

Ambient operating humidity

25 to 85%

Storage temperature

-25 to 65°C (with no icing or condensation)


Current indication accuracy

±3 A (for models with heater burnout detection)

Insulation resistance

100 MΩ min. (at 500 VDC) between primary and secondary

Dielectric strength

2,000 VAC, 50/60 Hz for 1 min between primary and secondary

Vibration resistance

Vibration frequency: 10 to 55 Hz, acceleration: 50 m/s 2 in X, Y, and Z directions

Shock resistance

300 m/s 2 three times each in six directions along three axes


Approx. 200 g (including terminal cover)

Degree of protection


Memory protection

EEPROM (non-volatile memory) (number of writes: 100,000)

Installation environment

Overvoltage category III, pollution degree 2 (according to IEC 60664-1)

Approved standards

UL508 (Listing), CSA22.2 No. 14
EN61000-6-4 (EN55011: 1998, A1: 1999 Class A, Group 1)
EN61000-6-2: 2001

Size in mm (H×W×D)


Optimum cycle control

Optimum cycle control is performed by driving SSRs according to load power detection and trigger signals. (Zero-cross SSRs are used.)

Noise is suppressed while ensure high-speed response by turning outputs ON and OFF each half cycle to achieve high-precision temperature control.

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