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  • S8VK-G Switch Mode Power Supply Datasheet
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  • Component Focus: Omron Wireless Buttons
    Component Focus: Omron Wireless Buttons
    • Component Focus: Omron Wireless Buttons

      Component Focus: Omron Wireless Buttons

      I'm Josh Bishop for OnlineCcomponents.com and before me I have an entire self-contained wireless communications package from Omron. With a minimum of three components and no external interfaces required Omron has made wireless communication in an industrial setting incredibly easy. First we have the S8VK 24 volt DC power supply; in this din rail-mounted power supply is very slim as you can see and has vents at the bottom and top for silent convection cooling. It takes a wide voltage input from 100 to 240 volts AC and accepts either 50 or 60 Hertz. You can connect the incoming power here at the bottom with line, neutral and ground inputs. This particular power supply outputs the 24 volt DC power at the top with these terminal blocks and can provide up to 15 watts which is ample power for this wireless receiver or many other devices. There are other S8V caged power supplies that can output more power, but this works great in this case. The S8VK is providing power to this wireless receiver the A2W-RPC- WC1. This receiver is very straightforward to use with clearly marked ports and switches and common sense usage. This has eight outputs and accordingly can be synced with eight wireless buttons. You can see the power input up at the top and the outputs here at the bottom. There are lights for power, any potential errors and receipt of signals right here. There's also a slide switch for usage testing and setup. You'll note that this is 922.5 megahertz which gives it a greater range and better signal propagation than higher frequency signals. We end up with the communication assistance of about 100 meters without any obstructions. Finally we have the two push-button switches. They're obviously both wireless and they generate their own power so no battery is required. This also eliminates the need for maintenance. A light comes on when you click the button showing that it has been actuated and is working. They come with the space to allow you to easily mount them and swap them around as you need. The buttons are functionally the same, but you have the option of different types of plungers depending on what works best in your situation. They're both ULl certified, rated up to 1 million operations and are IP65 sealed. They're also shock and vibration resistant making them ideal for tough industrial application. All of this is connected and powered up. It is not set up and I'll walk you through the process just to show you how easy it is for you. You'll need to connect the S8VK to power. Again it can use power from practically anywhere in the world. Then hook the output of the power supply to the input of the wireless receiver and now everything will turn on and you'll be up to the point where I am currently. Programming the buttons and the receiver doesn't require anything external like a computer, you simply set the rotary switch to the channel you want to use, move the slide switch to ID and then click the button you want to use, 3 times relatively quickly. You'll see the receive light come on indicating that the receiver got the message and it has been paired. Switch to another channel do the same thing with the other button. That's it! It's recommended to make certain other systems in the area are not in use during this procedure, however, as it may cause problems. Let's move the slider switch to run and start clicking these buttons and watch those different indicators light up. Now deleting the buttons and reassigning them is just as easy; put the rotary switched to delete and click the button three times until the light comes on. The button is now unassigned and can be programmed to another output slot. With just a few components in a couple minutes of setup you can easily integrate Omron's wireless buttons into your systems. if you want to learn more or purchase these Omron components go to OnlineComponents.com Features: - 8 pushbuttons can be assigned to one receiver unit - Each receiver has 8 transistor outputs (one-shot operation) - A pushbutton can be assigned to multiple outputs of a receiver - Wireless communication is confirmed with a colored LED indicator on the pushbuttons - 922.5MHz frequency band reduces interference, providing a better signal in locations with obstacles - A high-sensitivity magnetic-base antenna is an option when installing the receiver inside a control panel


The right power supply for your application

The S8VK-G offers a wide product range (from 15W up to 480W), in a very compact size. It is 13% smaller than comparable power supplies and the smallest on the market of its type.

  • Wide operating temperature range (-40 to +70ºC) to guarantee operation stability
  • Double set of DC output terminals (three for the negative) to provide easy wiring
  • High efficiency (90%) to reduce energy consumption
  • Power Boost functionality (120%)
  • Improved DIN-rail mounting clip to provide better vibration resistance and allow for easy installation
Specifications & ordering info

Ordering information


Power ratings

Input voltage

Output voltage

Output current

Size (W × H × D) [mm]

Order code

Standard models

Coated models

Power supply

15 W

100 to 240 VAC

Allowable range:
85 to 264 VAC,
90 to 350 VDC,
2 phases less than 240 VAC

5 V

3 A

22.5 × 90 × 90



12 V

1.2 A



24 V

0.65 A



30 W

5 V

5 A

32 × 90 × 90



12 V

2.5 A



24 V

1.3 A



60 W

12 V

4.5 A

32 × 90 × 110



24 V

2.5 A



120 W

24 V

5 A

40 × 125 × 113



240 W

24 V

10 A

60 × 125 × 140



48 V

5 A



480 W

24 V

20 A

95 × 125 × 140



48 V

10 A





15 W

30 W

60 W

120 W

240 W

480 W

Efficiency (Typ. at 230 VAC)

80% (24 V)

86% (24 V)

88% (24 V)

89% (24 V)

92% (24 V)

93% (24 V)


Rated input voltage

100 to 240 VAC

Allowable range

85 to 264 VAC, 90 to 350 VDC. 2 phases less than 240 VAC


Voltage adjustment range (with V.ADJ)

-10% to 15%

Input variation influence

0.5% max. (at 85 to 264 VAC input, 100% load)

Load variation Influence

3.0% max. (5 V), 2.0% max. (12 V), 1.5% max. (24, 48 V), at 0% to 100% load

Temperature variation influence

0.05%/°C max.

Overload protection

Yes, 130% of rated current typ.

Power Boost

120% of rated current

Overvoltage protection


Operating ambient temperature

−40 to 70°C (−40 to 158°F)

Series operation

Yes, up to 2 units

Parallel operation

Yes, up to 2 units


Conforms to EN 61204-3, EN 55011 Class B


Conforms to EN 61204-3 high severity levels

Harmonic current emissions

Conforms to EN 61000-3-2

Approved standards

UL: UL 508 (Listing), UL 60950-1, cUL: CSA C22.2 No. 107.1 and No. 60950-1,
UL 1310 Class 2 output for 15 W, 30 W, 60 W
EN/VDE: EN 50178 (=VDE0160), EN 60950-1 (=VDE0805),
Lloyd’s Register

ANSI/ISA 12.12.01

Fulfilled standards

SELV (EN 60950-1/EN 50178/UL 60950-1), PELV(EN 60204-1,EN 50178),
Safety of power transformers (EN 61558-2-16), EN 50274 for terminal parts

Degree of protection

IP20 by EN/IEC 60529

Additional units


s8t-dcbu-02 2 prod
Prevents equipment stoppage, data loss and other problems resulting from momentary power failures. One S8T-DCBU-02 buffer block provides a back-up time of 500 ms at an output current of 2.5 A. Can be wired to the 24 VDC output from any switch mode power supply.


s8vk-r20 prod
When the S8VK-R is used with switching power supplies, it provides a backup system for critical applications that require absolute reliability and zero downtime.


s8m prod
The S8M turns your machine directly into UL Class 2 compliant, maximum tripping current is 3,8A per channel (adjustable). This unit controls up to 4 circuits. On top of this you will get startup / shutdown –sequence control, display and alarm functions, like voltage, output current, runtime, and over temperature and external reset. These functions can be set by using the front buttons or with the free support tool software. These settings can be protected.

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