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Even better than the human eye

Newly enhanced OMRON FH Series Vision System

The new OMRON FH-Series Vision System makes automated inspection and measurement faster and more accurate than ever before. That’s because it has a new camera featuring 21 megapixels and an overall image size of up to 80 megapixels combining several images as well as the industry’s highest processing speed. In addition, the series brings an entirely new lighting technology to inspection and measurement, one that further increases the system’s ability to detect small scratches and minute defects. This new lighting technology – called Multi-Direction Multi-Color Light (MDMC) - is the industry's first illumination system to change lighting angles and colors depending on the object under inspection. This means that it can simultaneously detect defects with low color differences as well as defects with different characteristics. Until now, this was only possible with the human eye.

The result? Maximized productivity, minimized final-product defects, and lower costs.

Just what manufacturers are looking for

In order to deliver the perfect product and meet the growing demand for quality, manufacturers are increasing the number of visual inspections to detect small defects on products. However, the sensitivity required to spot these details requires human inspectors, which are not only expensive but come with the risk of failure due to fatigue. That’s all changed with the newly enhanced FH Series and its highly sensitive cameras, high-speed processing, and new lighting technology. Now manufactures can enjoy highly reliable, ultra-fast, and highly detailed automated visual inspection… 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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With a wide choice of cameras and illumination systems the new FH Series Vision System is also highly versatile and can easily be built into almost any manufacturing line.

Inspection results automatically stored

In addition to introduction of the MDMC Light, the FH Series Controllers and Cameras have been upgraded to quantitatively detect and determine minute differences that the human eye cannot find and quantitatively manage inspection results. Thanks to its fast processing speed and high synchronization with automation devices via a communications network, the FH Series can store all inspection results that are required to comply with laws and regulations in the pharmaceutical industry, without compromising productivity. Moreover, the illumination pattern of the MDMC Light can be flexibly changed using the Scene Switch functionality in software. Even if inspection items are added or changed to meet changes in demand, there is no need to add or adjust the light—just change the illumination pattern. The FH Series helps ensure stable manufacturing quality and boost productivity.

Detects defects even better than the human eye

  • The MDMC Light that flexibly changes colors and angles.
  • Photometric Stereo Processing extracts surface defects even on textured objects from the image that is created by combining high-resolution images captured under different lighting directions.
  • Filters that enhance low-contrast defects and linear scratches are added.

Supports high-speed, high-accuracy machine control

  • OMRON’s high-speed image processing technology enable positioning in a wide field of view using industry’s highest resolution 80-Mpix*1 images.
  • Visual Feedback achieves one-micron accuracy at three times faster than typical method when the FH Series is connected with OMRON’s other devices such as machine automation controller and servomotors. This new control technology feeds back the position data detected by the FH Series to the motors at high speeds, avoiding retry caused by stage vibrations and subtle mechanical errors.
  • The Robot Setting Tool reduces the effort for both designing communications between FH Series and robot and creating vision system setting required for Pick and Place and other applications where industrial robots from various vendors are connected with vision systems.
  • With the integration of the Profinet communication protocol, the FH Vision System supports even more industry standards. This allows easy integration into all machine environments.

Stores all inspection results

  • The controller has been enhanced to provide two times faster processing speed as compared to conventional models, enabling high-speed inspection and storage of all inspection results.
  • The results of inspection can be stored directly to a database via the machine automation controller using EtherCAT®. The results linked with inspection image data and inspection information (e.g., date and time, and LOT) can be output.
  • An 80-Mpix image is created by combination of images simultaneously captured and transferred by up to four 20.4 Mpix cameras.

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