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Create the Future… Right now!

Experience the technology of the future today with OMRON's solutions for harmonious and agile manufacturing.

Conventional Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) manufacturing aims at achieving operational effectiveness. This is usually done through leveraging quality, cost, and delivery (QCD) and focussing on mass production. However, the key to manufacturing success nowadays is agile production. 

Manufacturers are increasingly producing a high mix of products with the same resources. People, technology, and equipment harmoniously combined to produce the best quality products and packages. No matter if it concerns runs of dozens or thousands.

New technologies are available to evolve your business and deal with urgent and fluctuating market demands. We partner up with clients to continuously assist them in optimizing their FMCG production. We do not only provide expertise and solutions; we share your business philosophy & goals for swift and flexible production.

From the incoming raw goods up to the palletising, OMRON is able to provide you solutions to easily integrate new technologies into your business model. Let our solutions inspire you. Start your journey to autonomous & collaborative manufacturing and fully reap the benefits for your organisation!

Your Challenges in Manufacturing

Agile Manufacturing

To handle the growing product variety producers, need to shift to agile manufacturing. Covering activities from sorting incoming products and end-of-line packaging solutions. We offer various technologies to optimize your specific facilities.

Challenges & Solutions: 
High-Mix Low-Volume Packaging
Load & Unload Process
eCommerce Ready

Product & Package Quality

Quality means facilitating better transparency in the supply chain, meeting regulatory compliance, and, above all, customers' expectations on safety and quality. We offer a wide array of technologies to improve quality, especially of the package itself.

Challenges & Solutions: 
Zero-Touch for Quality
Perfect Sealing
Perfect Primary Package
Adaptive Inspection

Human-Machine Collaboration

It is harder to keep operations running in the era of social distancing and labor scarcity. Technologies are available to assist manufacturers. To help you provide a safe workplace and benefit from the real potential of a blended workforce by improving productivity.

Challenges & Solutions: 
Zero-Touch for Workforce
Safe Human-Machine Solutions
Machine Development

A Sustainable Supply Chain

Reducing greenhouse emissions along the value chain is a core concern for the FMCG industry. Green issues have become key drivers of consumer purchase decisions and the industry must react accordingly. Contributing to a sustainable supply chain pays off with the right approach to waste management, new materials and energy consumption.

Challenges & Solutions:
New Materials
Waste Management
Energy Consumption

Some of the Benefits Gained by Utilizing Our Solutions

Line side replenishment.
Address manual line feeding by the line operators
Reduce intermediate stock.
No pallets along the line.
Automate manual jobs.
Reduce repetitive tasks.
Collaborative palletizing.
Space-saving; simpler; faster and more efficient.

Our Portfolio of Applications

load&unload page images 2 fcard sol

Load & Unload Process

The first step to transform your manufacturing lines is to optimize your load & unload process. Furthermore, to evaluate how it impacts the performance of your operations at an enterprise, line and machine level.

Read more
hmlv category page images 2 fcard sol

High Mix, Low Volume Packaging

High-Mix Low Volume (HMLV) Packaging models are a consequence of the growing variety in products requested by consumers. To handle these demands we provide an overview of several solutions concerning End-Of-Line packaging.

Read more
oee me fcard peop

Zero Touch for Workforce

No more heavy lifting and boring repetitive tasks for your colleagues, so they can really be of added value doing the things they do best. See our solutions to protect your people and optimise your production.

Read more
food crime scene newspri misc

Zero Touch for Quality

Zero-Touch solutions ensure consistency in quality! Our Quality Solutions feature innovative automation and robotics that effectively solve challenges by eliminating human intervention.

Read more
See Our Portfolio of Applications

Find Out what Our Customers Say

Curious how your industry peers regard OMRON? Please consult our customer references!

martini packaging sol

Martini perfects the packaging of pasta with OMRON technology

Based in Italy, Martini Srl produces high-precision weighing and packaging machines for the food sector. Its new MCRS-VD packaging system enables the packaging of up to 180 packs of pasta per minute. At the heart of the solution is an OMRON NX701 1600 machine controller. This manages the movements of the MCRS-VD. OMRON’s NX-TC Perfect Sealing technology enables the end user to improve the stability of the thermoregulation involved and reduces the costs associated with the use of packaging films.

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Interesting to Read

Interested in the latest developments? Visit our news blogs for current updates!

finance lease fcard tr sol

Affordable automation: Leasing cobots and mobile robots for flexibility on the factory floor

04 March, 2021 In line with the move to Industry 4.0, an increasing number of manufacturers are turning to automation as a way of streamlining processes and boosting productivity. A key aspect of this is the use of robots, often working alongside people in the factory. However, many companies might be reluctant to invest in additional automation, particularly following the economic difficulties presented by COVID-19. For manufacturers looking for an affordable solution, cost structures with leasing options are being implemented as an option to allow adaptability on the factory floor.

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Our Partners

Through the OMRON Innovation Network, we are bridging the gap between our technology and fully integrated systems and solutions. By closely collaborating with strategic partners, we tap into their collective knowledge, expertise, and shared drive to provide a clear pathway for customers to realise solutions to their manufacturing challenges.

reeco fcard logo

Reeco Automation Ltd


With a team of engineers and programmers that have a wealth of experience in the rapidly growing robotics industry, Reeco Automation specialises in creating bespoke collaborative robot solutions from concept to final design.

interoll partner logo

Interroll Gmbh


The Interroll Group is the leading global provider of material handling solutions. Interroll provides system integrators and OEMs with a wide range of platform-based products and services including the a new range of AMR modules which integrate into the acclaimed (LCP) light conveyor platform series.

roeq partner logo



ROEQ is the global leading supplier of standardized mobile robotic equipment (MRE) for autonomous mobile robots (AMRs). ROEQ was founded in 2017 and is a 100% Danish-owned company with the majority of the robotic components also supplied by Danish companies.

nordmodules logo

Nord Modules


Nord Modules develops module solutions in industrial and robust quality that extend the functionality of mobile robots, taking automation to a higher level.

gripple partner logo

Gripple Automation


Innovative machinery to streamline your manufacturing processes, optimize your supply chain, and boost your bottom line.

esc logo

Equipment Support Company


We work in partnership with our customers to understand their unique requirements before designing and delivering complete bespoke solutions, including hardware, software, drawing packs, training and certification

brillopak partner logo

Brillopak Ltd


Brillopak is an award winning British manufacturer of highly flexible, automated packing systems. We continually invest in technology to build flexible automated packing and palletising machines and systems, that combine precise handling, effortless performance and ease of use by unskilled staff.

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