Customer references

At Omron, we like to listen to our customers. We could spend all day listening to their needs  – it gives us ideas. And because we’ve been listening to our packaging machine customers for more than 20 years, you won’t be surprised that we’ve had quite a lot of good ideas.

But rather than us tell you about them, we thought you would prefer hearing it from people like you: our customers.

From compound to tube, in any format

From compound to tube, in any format!

Read how Omron PLCs and touchscreens are at the heart of solutions developed by Axomatic to produce and package, all types of creams, gels and emulsions.

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Omag 420 x 300.jpg

Keep an eye on the expiry date!

A state-of-the-art packaging machine that is compact, reliable, full of innovative features and whose parts are all easily accessible. Read about the features of the new line of stick packaging machines, designed by Omag in collaboration with Omron for the manufacture of Dompé's drug, "Okitask".

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Serialization realized for pharma producers, re-packers and CMO's

Pharmaceutical contract manufacturer

How did a contract manufacturer supply 1,000,000 serialized packages for multiple pharmaceutical customers with varying standards and procedures… and within a network of multiple production sites, contract manufacturers, re-packers and other service providers – and all according to the expected EU regulations to centrally register all the unique codes?

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Omron helps Line Equipment develop more advanced packaging machines

Helping Line Equipment to develop more advanced machines

Watch the interview to see how, with our support, the implementation of our software and hardware solutions into their machines has enabled Line Equipment to bring more advanced products to market.

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Effytec packaging reference

Sysmac - at the heart of Effytec's continuous process concept

Effytec is happy with the effectiveness of the SYSMAC platform, which has shortened development and implementation time. In particular, they noted that the single motion and logic control software made programming much easier, while ensuring that all motion on the production line is fully synchronised.

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Omron robots automate swab manufacture

To eliminate tedious manual handling in the manufacturing process for water-testing swabs, manufacturing automation expert Secure Technologies Ltd has developed an efficient and cost-effective solution based on an Omron SCARA robot.

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A flexible and compact way to create void-fill paper

Filling the voids between a product and its container – for example a cardboard box – is an issue that confronts many product suppliers. One method that has traditionally been used is tightly folded paper, which has the advantages of being lightweight, easily available and reusable or recyclable.

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Jomet, cutting edge in a very competitive packaging marketplace

Machines that deliver beyond the users’ expectations

Finnish machine-maker Jomet builds a comprehensive range of packaging solutions, responding to customer demands for innovation.

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Bread slicer that includes remote fault-finding and remote software upgrades

When one of Britain’s leading manufacturers of automatic bread slicing and packaging equipment won an order from a bakery in Kazakhstan, it decided that remote access was essential. Software upgrades and fault-finding had to be made possible remotely from Norwich, England, without having to send an engineer 6,000 km to visit the customer site.

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New bread cutting machine reduces process time by 55%

Spanish bread-baking automation specialist, Auxpama, recently released a new automatic cutter tray, which makes the scars on the top of loaves just before baking. The machine is so advanced that it reduces the time taken for this process from 6+ minutes to just 2.45 minutes. And at the heart of it all is the Omron Sysmac unified control platform.

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Single control for long pasta packaging and dosing

In the world of pasta packaging, long pasta is particularly challenging, primarily because of the complexity of dosing different pasta formats. So when Martini Packaging decided to develop a new machine with faster operational speed and greater dosing precision, it turned to Omron.

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Omron partner with Converging Solutions to make their Pack Stacker competitive and reliable

Building a global customer base by doing more, faster

The Converging Solutions Pack Stacker is widely used in the UK food industry for automatic stacking of pre-formed packs. When the company wanted to compete in non-food markets and other countries, they needed to make the machine do more, and do it faster.

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Mespic’s all-in-one solution...

The Italian-based Mespic specializes in the design and construction of integrated end-of-line packaging machinery. The company recently worked with Omron to develop an all-in-one secondary and final packaging solution for packs of tea.

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