Energy saving

Explore new solutions that offer energy savings without sacrifice to performance or functionality. Realise higher energy efficiency while benefiting from increased system performance.


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7 ways to save energy

It can be challenging for businesses to determine the level of energy loss, but with our 7 ways to save energy tips, it is certainly easier.

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Energy consumption simulation software

To help reduce this waste, machine builders are increasingly integrating advanced energy management systems into machine automation control. But in addition to reducing overall power consumption there is a hidden potential that people often don’t know about: Machine Energy Footprint Reduction (MEFR).

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The great service of 200 tonnes of waste

When it pays to be environmental friendly

Italian waste-recycling specialist Ecodeco converts 200 tonnes of urban waste to 9 megawatts of energy per day.

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Leading plywood producer leaves no waste behind

Panguaneta is the number-one plywood producer in Italy. They strive for the highest quality, while staying as environmentally friendly as possible, and they are always on the look-out for new solutions that help reduce their carbon footprint.

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