Energy efficiency

In order to match with regulatory frameworks and to fulfill the end users requirements, it’s needed for machine builders to integrate advanced energy management systems into machine automation control. That’s why we have the ability to provide you with Energy saving solutions, which meet standards.

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Energy monitoring

Understanding energy usage is the first step in becoming energy efficient. Explore hardware and software solutions that expose energy waste deep within your system to target devices that consume excess power.

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Energy saving

Explore new solutions that offer energy savings without sacrifice to performance or functionality. Realise higher energy efficiency while benefiting from increased system performance.

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New, higher level energy saving

The key to finding hidden, wasteful electrical energy consumption is to accurately visualise it at the distribution panel level. Unfortunately, this is often too costly to implement. That’s why we have developed the KM series of multi-circuit smart power monitors – a cost-effective platform that helps you pin-point all unnecessary energy usage and thereby maximise your energy efficiency.

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