Omron provides reliability data for the safety of control components as a SISTEMA Library and Parameter list in order to assist customer's with their Performance Level (PL) calculation.

What is SISTEMA?

SISTEMA is a software tool to calculate PL, for the implementation of EN ISO 13849-1. Provided by IFA, SISTEMA is a free software and is widely recognized within the industry.

You can download SISTEMA software and its instruction manual via the following link.

Download SISTEMA

Refer to the overview below to download the correct SISTEMA products.

European SISTEMA Library

This includes F3S-TGR-CL light curtains, F3S-TGR-N_ non contact switches, MS2800E, MS4800E and F3SB safety sensors.


This includes the ER-series rope pull emergency stop switches.

Global SISTEMA Library

This includes all other safety products, except for those mentioned above. Go to library