European Repair Centre

This is why you can rely on our service:

  • European Repair Centre with well trained engineers, the latest technologies and a high level of quality.
  • Direct pick up from and delivery to the customer, anywhere within the European Union.
  • Three repair-services available for Automation repairs: - Priority (repair within 24 hours) - Standard (repair within 3 working days) - Economic (repair within 10 working days)
  • Two repair-services available for Mechatronic repairs: - Standard (repair within 5 working days) - Economic (repair within 10 working days)
*Please note that suggested repair time for above services is without transportation time.

  • Totally free repair service for products under warranty as given by Omron.
  • Fixed repair price for products where the warranty period has expired.
  • Repaired products receive a 1-year warranty on any replaced or repaired components, valid from the repair date at the Omron European Repair Centre.
  • The repaired product is returned with our standard repair report. On request an extensive repair report or detailed analysis can be supplied.

Also in case of a product breakdown Omron is there to support you. Omron provides a fast and reliable repair system with fixed prices regardless of the defect.

If you complete the Repair request form we will send you a free quotation exclusively for your product.

For more details, please contact us:

Product Sales & Support

  • 0870 752 0861
  • 0870 752 0862
  • Email

Further important information

  • Content of the repair-services are subject to change at anytime, without prior notification.
  • Customs procedures may delay repair requests from outside the European Union.
  • Some Omron products do not qualify for this express repair service.