Repair Service

It's simple and it's fast

For several years Omron Europe has provided a repair service coordinated from its European Repair Centre (ERC), located at Den Bosch, The Netherlands. Several local repair centres will serve you with your repair request.

The ERC provides a high quality repair service for the majority of Omron products including PLC's, Timers, Counters, Vision & ID systems, Inverters & Servo drives. Utilising the latest technologies for repairing the products, often to component level, the ERC is not only able to provide a detailed repair report but also keep the costs as low as possible resulting in the best service for the best price.

Request for repair

European Repair Database Area

The European Repair Database supplies our local offices and distributors with a tool to easily report and track a repair request.

After entering the repair request, the DHL transport documents are created automatically. Also the status of the repair cycle can be followed. A fixed price for repair is given up front!

Access the European Repair Database

Track & Trace

This is the track & trace section of the Omron European Repair Centre.

Here you can see the current status of your repair, by entering the RMA-number. The RMA-number is the "repair-number" that was supplied to you by your local Omron office (NSC) at the time the repair was authorized.

Track & Trace your RMA number