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New - Worlds Most Compact Safety Laser Scanner

01 October, 2011

Omron continues to expand it's safety product portfolio with the release of the new OS32C safety laser scanner. The OS32C's revolutionary design not only makes it the worlds most compact safety laser scanner, but can also vastly simplify many installations. The new OS32C can be used in a number of applications such as collision avoidance for AGV's (Automated Guided Vehicles), intrusion detection as a flexible alternative to safety light guards or for presence detection within a machines hazardous area (floor scanning). The OS32C provides Safety Category 3 (without a dedicated safety controller) and complies with global safety standards ISO 13849-1 PLd and SIL 2.
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Worlds Most Compact Safety Scanner

The OS32C is the worlds most compact safety laser scanner measuring only 133mm x 143mm x 105mm (max), making installation in small spaces possible. The low profile of the unit (only 105mm) also means that the detection height is kept to a minimum, eliminating the need to invert the scanner mechanism, which could lead to a reduced operating lifetime.


Large Scan Area

The OS32C offers a 270 deg. detection angle, the widest available in industry, enabling the maximum possible coverage from a safety scanner.

With a safety scan zone of 3m and a warning zone of 10m, the OS32C has the flexibility expected of a high performance scanner.

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Flexible Detection Zones

Up to 70 detection zones can be configured, each with one safety and two warning zones. This offers the ultimate in flexibility when considering operation on AGV's with complex routing.

The two warning zones can be set to support various purposes such as a warning sound and speed control.

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Active indication

Eight sector indicators located around the circumferance of the scan window provide visible indication of the direction of intrusion.

The OS32C also has built-in indicator lamps and an LED interface, so the status of the system can be easily determined without the need for a PC.

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Worlds first safety scanner with Ethernet

Industry's first Ethernet compliant safety laser scanner allows the user to check the operating state and analyse the cause of an emergency stop via a LAN, even in large scale applications using multiple scanners.
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Easy Configuration Software

The OS32C configuration software is intuitive and easy to use, allowing fast and pain-free programming.

The configuration of the safety and warning zones can be done in real time using a PC. Configurations can also be created offline and downloaded at a later stage.

Collision Avoidance

Small, light and compact body provides easy installation on AGV's. Low power consumption (5W) reduces battery load on the AGV (3.75W in standby mode). Up to 70 detection zone profiles can be pre-set supporting even the most complex AGV tracks.
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Intrusion Detection

Reference boundry monitoring function supports intrusion detection without physically blocking the entrance. The OS32C can offer various operation patterns by switching zone sets.
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Presence Detection

The OS32C's compact body allows deployment in even the smallest machines. The wide detection angle of 270 deg. can provide coverage of 2 sides with a single scanner.
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