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One Machine Network

10 January, 2012

Building on the accepted quality, performance and features of our automation solutions, you can now add the benefit of linking them under one machine network - EtherCAT. Far from compromising the machine throughput, EtherCAT as a machine network increases the speed and the synchronisation accuracy.

EtherCAT technology

EtherCAT is an Ethernet-based network optimised for machine automation with unrivalled performance. It uses the standard Ethernet frames according to IEEE 802.3 and provides high synchronisation accuracy between servos.
With the use of the distributed clocks, all servos in an EtherCAT application can be synchronised within a microsecond tolerance: each servo measures the time difference between incoming and the returning frame.
Network simplicity: EtherCAT uses a standard 100BASE-TX Ethernet cable (CAT-5 or above). It enables a cable length of up to 100 m distance between devices and, without the use of network switches, simplifies network installation.

Distributed clock synchronisation

Precise axes synchronisation by exact adjustment of distributed clocks.

Omron solutions with EtherCAT

Based on proven quality products and with over 50 years experience in machine automation, Omron offers a wide range of EtherCAT products that includes machine controllers, motion controllers, servo systems, frequency inverters, vision systems and distributed I/O modules. Omron provides easy product integration of these products in a single machine network to create complete and flexible machine automation solutions.
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