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Easy-to-use Omron FQ vision sensors deliver images with crystal clarity!

05 October, 2010

Even with the most challenging of targets, vision sensors in Omron’s new FQ range consistently deliver crystal clear images, yet they offer outstanding simplicity of installation and set up. These groundbreaking units, which continue Omron’s tradition of setting new standards in vision sensing, feature one-touch control via a simple and intuitive icon-driven menu system that eliminates the need for complex instructions and specialist know-how.

Crystal clear image quality

The FQ Vision Sensor gives you the very best in image quality and clarity, you can now benefit from a range of advanced image capture and processing features:

  • HDR (high dynamic range) technology
  • Full colour processing - up to 16 million colours
  • Built-in polarisation and halation filters
  • Integrated high-intensity LED lighting.

These features enable stable inspection even with highly reflective, low contrast and similarly difficult targets.


Ease of use

The intuitive icon-driven menu eliminates the need for complex instructions and specialist know-how. The versatile automatic functions guide you step by step through the process of configuring and fine-tuning the operation of the sensors. 

Four different inspection result views are supported: overview, detail, trend and distribution.

This means you can choose the view most appropriate for your application, thereby giving you the results you need to make informed and accurate decisions about your production.

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Flexible platform

The new FQ vision sensors come in versions with fields of view from 7.4 mm to 300 mm, therefore you can select the sensor that accurately meets your requirements. Multiple sensors can be linked and controlled via one TouchFinder screen or PC tool.

The FQ is the most flexible product of it's type, you decide how to set-up and configure to your application:

  • PC or standalone
  • Local or remote
  • Portable or fixed
  • Permanent or temporary

Compact and robust

The FQ is the most compact solution combining a camera and image processor within one housing:

  • Compact size and robust housing
  • High power LEDs
  • Built-in lens
  • Powerful image processor
  • Industry grade connectors for trigger and I/O, Ethernet and power
  • IP67 protection rated
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