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World's first vision sensor with embedded EtherCAT and encoder tracking...

10 January, 2012

Specifically designed for pick and place applications, the new FQ-M is the world's first vision sensor to have embedded EtherCAT communication, providing exceptionally fast data transfer and encoder tracking function for accurate, but simplified, positional control.

New vision sensor, tailored for "Pick and Place"

The expectation of tomorrow's pick and place systems is to ever increase throughput and reliability, with the scope of improving production efficiency. Omron's FQ-M vision sensor provides the ideal solution for automated robot guidance, offering an industry leading 5000 pcs/min (with 360deg rotation) detection and with a new contour based algorithm, which provides fast but stable product detection.

Everything you need, in one package...

The FQ-M can communicate by both EtherCAT and standard Ethernet (TCP/IP), providing the flexibility to communicate with various different devices. The embedded encoder input provides easy synchronisation for data output and also during the calibration procedure. Programming for the FQ-M is through Omron's new automation software suite Sysmac Studio, which provides users with a powerful but simple to use interface. For local operation and adjustment it is possible to use Omron's popular FQ-D touchscreen interface units.

Fast and reliable detection

Omron has developed a new contour based search algorithm which provides extremely fast product detection, up to 5000/pcs per minute, even at 360deg rotation. As well as high speed detection, the new algorithm provides robust and reliable product detection even if products are overlapped, partially obscured or light conditions change.

Embedded encoder tracking, world first for vision sensors...

The FQ-M has embedded encoder tracking which allows objects to be tracked and identified by position. Therefore even if the object is inspected in consecutive images, the repetition is segregated from the data output string and only entered once to the robot picking queue. This reduces the complexity of the data handling in the robot and eliminates inconsistencies in picking.
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Easy calibration...

Calibrating the co-ordinate structure and scaling is a simple task for the FQ-M. A target sheet is printable directly from the Sysmac Studio configuration software, which from a few basic steps allows the camera, robot and encoder to be fully calibrated and synchronised, taking only a few minutes.

Panorama view

During parameter setting and adjustment, the FQ-M programming software provides a panorama view of 3 consecutive images, simplifying the setting procedure and providing fast fault analysis.

Easy Connectivity

The FQ-M provides a tool for easily configuring the format of the data output string, allowing the FQ-M to communicate with any control device. This customisation allows the FQ-M to be integrated to any robot device without the need for intervention in the robot programming.
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