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New N-Smart Sensor Family

27 June, 2013

Omron’s new N-Smart sensor family provides a range of flexible sensor solutions on a common hardware platform. From advanced fibre optic sensors to long distance diffuse and CMOS BGS laser sensors, the N-Smart family can provide a solution to even the most challenging of sensing applications. The N-Smart sensor can be used standalone for individual applications, or have the option to be networked on an EtherCAT fieldbus network, providing a high speed distributed solution. Networked solutions not only provide basic I/O information, but also allow all configuration and measurement data information to be integrated seamlessly with the machine control system.

The N-Smart Family

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Flexible Sensor Network

DS-BUS Network.jpg
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High Speed EtherCAT Communication

The high speed N-Smart EtherCAT communication unit has a fast cycle time of 0.2ms for I/O data and 1ms for incident light level, eliminating the issue of previous fieldbus networks that work on a considerably slower cycle time. When using the cost effective DS Bus system, a cycle time of 5ms is achieved, providing the ideal solution for improving installation efficiency and saving costs.

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E3NX-FA Fibre Amplifer

The new E3NX-FA range of fibre amplifiers are available with a single output as standard and up to two outputs in advanced models, these innovative amplifiers offer high speed operation and simple auto-tuning, comprehensive support for manual tuning, and the industry’s widest dynamic range to ensure stable detection of targets.


E3NC-L Smart Laser Sensor

The E3NC-L compact laser sensors have been designed to provide a smaller detection spot and longer operating distances than is possible with conventional photoelectric sensors, enabling everything from minute object detection to long distance detection. Two models are available – one with a variable spot size to enable stable detection of objects at sensing distances up to 1200mm, and one with a spot size of 0.1mm and a sensing distance of 70mm ±15mm, delivering pinpoint precision for the stable detection of minute targets even at close range.


E3NC-S BGS CMOS Laser Sensor

The E3NC-S compact CMOS laser sensors enable stable detection from 35mm to 250mm. The sensors incorporate Omron’s unique HSDR (high speed and dynamic range) CMOS technology, which adjusts the shutter time of the CMOS sensor according to the target, and adjusts the emission power to optimise the light intensity level. The HDSR technology makes it easy to tune the sensor for a range of different objects, from cast metal to glossy metal, and from black rubber to white ceramic.

Smart Contact Sensor - Coming Soon

The N-Smart family will shortly be expanding to provide a range of high accuracy contact positioning sensors. The innovative air actuated design will provide the ideal solution for critical gauging applications.

N-Smart technology

The superior performance of N-Smart is derived from three key technologies;
  • Giga Ray 2s is a unique Omron technology which utilises a high efficiency light coupling for improved light transmission and reception performance
  • Smart Noise Reduction is an advanced light reception algorithm which vastly improves the detection stability of the sensor
  • New N-Core processor provides high speed and precision detection with 36bit processing capacity
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High visibility display

 The high-contrast white on black display increases display visibility. The values are clearly readable even from a distance. The display also lowers the load on users' eyes.
E3NX-FA_high visibility display.jpg

Easy batch setting

With traditional hardwired systems, there is no common interface between the distributed sensor amplifier units, each amplifier must be configured individually and at the point of installation. In a networked sensor solution, the sensors can be configured remotely from the main machine interface and even in batches, reducing the machine set-up time considerably.
N-Smart Easy Batch Setting.jpg

Reduce line set-up time

With a traditional hardwired system, the sensor amplifier units must be configured during a product changeover. Sometimes adjustments are difficult and the setup is time consuming, which can reduce productivity. Using a networked sensor solution, configurations can be saved in the machine controller and automatically updated during change over times, reducing set-up time and manual setting errors.
N-Smart Easy Line Changeovers.jpg

Predictive maintenance

In harsh environments, Sensors can become dirty, resulting in malfunctions. Using a networked sensor solution, the sensor status is monitored in real-time, maintenance is possible before the Sensor malfunctions.
N-Smart Predictive Maintenance.jpg

Reduce Downtime

With a traditional hardwired system, if the equipment stopped due to a problem with a sensor, time is required to isolate the sensor where the problem occurred and find the cause. With a networked sensor solution you can immediately find the location, the Sensor, and the type of error to quickly recover normal operation and reduce downtime.
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